EDC Keychain Carabiner for Sale

image89.jpgAn everyday carry is meant to be with you no matter where you go, and nothing follows you as much as an EDC keychain carabiner. The perfect way to keep your keys with you without filling up your pockets, a keychain carabiner hooks neatly onto your belt loop.

Features of a Keychain Carabiner

A keychain carabiner at its most basic is a D ring with a gate on one side to hook it onto your belt loop. Thanks to the American tendency to look at an item and decide it can be made better, the designers of keychain carabiners didn’t stop there.

Some carabiners are made in an S shape with two gates so that you can hang your keys on it and never worry about your keys getting lost. More than that, carabiners have little extras hidden all over, starting with bottle openers, then moving on to knives, saws, hex drives, spinners, and screwdrivers. There is a carabiner somewhere with at least one of the small tools you absolutely need to keep on hand.


Benefits of a Carabiner

A carabiner is the perfect way to carry your keys and a few small tools around without cluttering your pockets. It’s the most convenient way to have your keys close to hand, and an S shape with a double gate is a particularly good way to ensure your keys can’t accidentally get lost.

The additional tools built into the carabiner can help by preventing you from constantly searching for that hex drive or screwdriver. Or, if you get the spinner, it can relieve anxiety or boredom. The pry bar option may just save your pocket knife, so you don’t try to use your knife.

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