EDC Flipper Knife for Sale


While everyday carry knives can cover a wide range of choices, there are always a few things you look for in a knife. When you find an EDC flipper knife for sale, it’s handy to have a little checklist of what you’re looking for in a knife. What you need it to do on a daily basis, maybe even a few jobs that are outside the normal range but possibilities, like being able to cut rope quickly in an emergency.

What to Look for in an EDC

An EDC should be durable. All its parts need to operate smoothly, and the locking and opening mechanisms should move without a hitch. This knife will be with you day in and day out, and it should be strong enough to keep up.

A good quality steel is essential, though most folks aren’t willing to pay too much, on the off chance they irreparably damage the blade. That’s why so many knife makers use AUS-8 steel, it has very good edge retention and wear resistance, and if a titanium nitride coating is used, it can go further.

A comfortable handle is the last necessity. A knife is no good if you can’t use it without rubbing your hand raw.

Examples of EDC Flipper Knives


The Hawkbill Hybrid flipper is built like a tank, with AUS-8 steel that’s been cryogenically treated for added endurance. This blade has been used in the field by law enforcement, the military, hunters, and adventurers. It’s taken the worst that could be thrown at it without a hitch.

The Rapid Fire flipper is made from AUS-8 steel and has also been cryo treated for greater toughness. The blade is semi-serrated, so if you even have the potential of needing to cut rope, you can do it quickly and easily. A textured, G10 handle that’s ergonomically designed caps off this fantastic knife.

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