Credit Card Knife Bottle Opener for Sale


There are times when all you want is a small knife that has one or two extras, rather than needing to carry a four-inch lump in your pocket. The credit card knife bottle opener combination has proved to be successful at filling that niche.

Now, if you’re in a city center and need to cut an apple or any other food, you have a small knife that’s perfect for the job.

How A Credit Card Knife Works

There are a variety of styles in credit card knives, but each one is the same width and height as a credit card. Some of these knives are thicker than a credit card but still fit easily into the card pocket of your wallet.

The most popular credit card knife has a button to release the blade which folds out, then the sides of the card fold around and clip together to form the handle. It only takes a few seconds to deploy the blade and provides one of the sturdiest and most comfortable grips.

Other credit card knives use the card portion as a sheath, and the knife and tools are removed from it. It’s difficult to use this type of knife as the handle is usually too small.



Extras On A Credit Card Knife

The bottle opener is the first addition that people look for in a credit card knife. You may not remember to have an opener handy when you’re cracking open a cold one, but you’ll always have your wallet.

Screwdrivers, a ruler, tweezers, and a compass are a few other things you may find added into a credit card knife, but check the quality before you buy. Some extras don’t work very well, and it’s important to know beforehand.

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