Compact Assisted Flipper Knives For Sale


Knives come in all shapes and sizes, and for many people, the most comfortable for EDC are the compact assisted flipper knives. These knives are also the easiest to deploy in a hurry and are ambidextrous.

What Is an Assisted Knife?

An assisted knife, also known as an assisted open, utilizes springs or a torsion bar to open the knife. One the user has manually opened the knife roughly twenty degrees the mechanism takes over deployment.

There are three primary methods to open the knife, a thumb hole, thumb studs, or a flipper. The flipper and thumb hole are automatically ambidextrous, but you won’t always have dual thumb studs, so it’s important to check.

An assisted knife differs from an automatic in that the assisted requires some manual help from the user, in the form the flipper or thumb studs. There is no pressure on the blade until the knife reaches that twenty-degree mark. Everything on an automatic knife is geared toward keeping the blade closed as it’s always under pressure except when deployed.

Why Choose a Compact Knife



A compact knife fits more comfortably in most pockets as it allows you more range of movement without digging into your leg or hip. The compact knife offers a smaller blade for dealing with first aid concerns like slivers, cutting bandages, or picking out thorns.

These knives are usually more lightweight than other pocket knives. Those who are weight conscious like backpackers, campers, preppers, and survivalists will find a compact knife the perfect addition to pockets and go bags.

Being compact is the only defining feature of these knives, which can still be found in the full range of blade shapes and handle materials, giving you a range of options.

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