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Back in your dad and granddad’s day, there were a series of knives that are now referred to as gentleman’s knives. These classic folding knives are viewed with nostalgia, and users prefer not to ask too much from them. When your grandad used them, though, they did everything, from whittling to skinning game or making traps.

So why are they now called gentleman’s knives? Partly, it’s to do with how they look.

Features of a Classic Folding Knife

The most noticeable difference between the classic knives the modern ones is the handle material. On a classic knife, the handle is usually made of natural materials, such as wood, bone, or antler.

These knives are also normally manual opens, requiring both hands. The nail nick is the most common open you will see, though there are some featuring thumb holes.

Locking mechanisms, if there are any, are often a steel collar.

The blades themselves are stainless steel and of a moderate length. While a clip point is a common blade, these knives are hardly limited to that. Spey points are just as common, and both often seen together, since gentleman’s knives frequently have more than one blade in the knife.

Why Buy the Classic Knives


There’s a reason why these knives are usually passed down to children. They are the ultimate first knife, capable of performing a variety of tasks, sturdy, tough, and they need two hands to open for a little safety.

For many adults, it’s partly the memories they evoke, but not all. These knives are a classy addition to an evening out if you prefer not to be without a pocket knife. They ensure you’re properly equipped at all times, and stand out for all the right reasons.

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