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There is a new tool taking the world by storm, and it is the stainless steel credit card knife. Small, easy to carry, and useful for those lightweight jobs, a credit card knife may be just what you need.

What is a Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife is a small knife that, when open, resembles a credit card. The same size and weight, it is marginally thicker than a real credit card and fits comfortably in the same pockets.

The blade is deployed by pressing a small switch, folding the blade outward, and the edges of the card around. They clip together with five safety clasps and form the handle. The blade itself is made from stainless steel, while the handle is made of polypropylene, giving you a secure, non-slip grip.

Who Could Benefit from a Credit Card Knife


This knife is not meant to replace your everyday carry, but to provide a quick blade if you don’t have one handy. For opening a letter, breaking down boxes if you don’t have your usual EDC, or cutting up an apple for lunch, this is the perfect knife. The stainless steel blade and lack of springs or overly moving parts make slicing that egg easy, and cleanup is a cinch.

Women who’d like a little knife for those small, lightweight jobs such as removing threads or cutting off clothing tags may enjoy one as well. Just remember to not ask too much from this small, useful knife.

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