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Sometimes, you need a knife that’s good at one thing, and one thing only. For outdoor people, that often ends up being a saw. To that end, it’s useful to buy a serrated edge knife to tackle any tasks that a straight edge blade can’t handle.

Uses of a Serrated Knife

The saw-tooth edge of a serrated knife is perfect for cutting through anything that has a hard outer surface and a softer inside. So if you’re fond of spontaneous barbecues, having a serrated knife on hand is perfect. Bread, tomatoes, and some vegetables are all easily dealt with.

Serrated knives are also great for sawing wood. Whether you’re shortening downed branches for a shelter, or you’ve spotted a tree that needs a quick trim, these knives can get the job done.

Why Choose a Serrated Blade

While the reasoning behind having a serrated edge knife may vary, it always comes down to the tasks at hand. For example, if you need to cut rope often, a serrated edge will be much handier than a straight edge. If you frequently trim shrubs and trees but don’t want to carry pruning shears all the time, the serrated edge will be extremely useful.

Serrated blades are best for a back and forth cutting motion, so if you think you’ll be doing a lot of sawing, it’s worth investing in such a knife. While some may argue in favor of a semi-serrated edge, the truth is that the length is a little too short for those who will need a saw type blade often.

As already mentioned, a serrated blade is very useful for cutting vegetables, bread, and such, but there are other food-related uses. For steaks, chops, or cutting food into smaller portions for children, having serrations all the way to the tip is crucial. In this instance, semi serrations will not do.

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