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semi serrated knife

There are three main types of edges on blades: straight, serrated, and semi-serrated. A semi-serrated knife combines the straight and serrated into one useful tool. While this does reduce the edge length for each type, the trade-off is a single knife that’s ready for anything.

The straight edge is usually located towards the tip, allowing you to perform tasks with control. The serrated edge is next to the handle, for more leverage when sawing.

Benefits of a Semi-Serrated Knife

Having a combination blade reduces the number of knives you will need to carry at any one time. Unsure what you’ll be dealing with today? Just take your semi-serrated knife with you.

The straight edge is great for slicing, cutting, or any detailed work that needs doing. The serrated edge allows you to cut through the tough things. Seat belts, ropes, even smaller branches. Instead of hacking away at a branch with a straight edge and running the risk of chipping or breaking, use the serrations on a combination knife.

Who Could Use It?

Hunters, campers, and survivalists can use this knife for most tasks, particularly when setting up camp for the evening. Ranchers, farmers, EMTs, and firefighters would benefit from the heavier cutting power of the serrated edge. 

Search, and Rescue would find this particularly useful since they are required to carry a serrated edge for preparing their camps. This way they can cut down on the weight they need to carry, allowing them to move quickly.

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