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Knives can be split into many categories, from tactical, to hunting, to everyday carry, but one category is determined by the steel. It’s important to know which steel gives you razor pocket knives that can hold the finest edges.

You may then be curious as to know why it’s so important to have that sharp edge, and the primary reason is safety.

Benefits of a Razor Edge

One of the most dangerous knives you can use is a dull one. The edge can’t bite into the material, so the knife bounces off, but our skin is far more delicate than what you’re trying to cut. Whereas a knife with a proper, razor-sharp edge will immediately cut into the material, and keep the blade away from you.

Even a cut from a dull knife is worse, as it damages the skin and flesh below, making it more difficult for a doctor to repair and stitch. A cut from a sharp knife is cleaner, the edges neater, and it’s a simple process to then suture and fix, and will leave less of a scar.

Guide to Steel for a Razor Edge


The steels that hold their edge the longest are the ones that will be the most difficult to sharpen. For these, we’re referring to super steels such as M390, Elmax, and CPM S110V. They can take and hold a razor edge extremely well, but they are very difficult to sharpen again, and the price is higher.

Low-end steels such as AUS-6 and 420J are very easy to sharpen, but won’t hold the edge for any length of time. The best option for edge retention and price is to go with upper medium quality steels such as AUS-8, 440C, or 8Cr13MoV. These ones can take a razor edge well, are easier to sharpen, and if treated properly, will hold the edge longer.

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