Buy Lightweight EDC Assisted Flipper Knife Online


Not everybody wants to carry a pocket tank around with them. For those who don’t want to belt up their pants every time they carry a knife, there is a lightweight EDC assisted flipper knife.

Features of a Lightweight Knife

There is no set standard of features that a lightweight knife must have, but there are a few that are continually present. While the blades are normally short, three inches or less, there have been a few made as long as four inches. This is mentioned, so you don’t feel you have to settle for a tiny knife that’s impossible to work with or handle.

Due to the fact that most of these knives are a bit smaller, the quality of the steel is slightly higher to reduce the chance of breaking. You’ll commonly see steels like AUS-8, 154CM, and 14C28N, all known for being upper medium quality steels that, with proper heat treatment, can act like high-quality ones.

The material the handle is made from is where most of the weight is shed, using aluminum, G10, and in a few cases, titanium. The handle is typically synthetic for this reason.



Why Choose a Lightweight EDC

An everyday carry is a knife that goes with you everywhere, and a heavy knife may feel like its dragging in your pocket. Plus, those larger knives can be uncomfortable to carry. A lightweight EDC fits more comfortably and is virtually unnoticeable in your pocket.

Since it’s an EDC, it has all the function and durability of heavier knives without digging into your hip every time you squat to check out that fence. A lightweight knife is less noticeable in your pocket also.

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