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For most people, and most jobs, your average folding knife works great as an everyday carry. A few, though, need something a bit tougher, stronger, something that can keep up with you. For this kind of work, Walmart just won’t do. Instead, you go to buy heavy duty pocket knives online, direct from the knife makers themselves.

What Makes a Knife Heavy Duty

Some people will tell you that a heavy-duty knife is larger, but we think they’re overcompensating. A heavy-duty knife is all about how it’s built, from the steel used in it to the quality of the machining done on the joints.

The steel used should be a good quality steel like AUS-8, or a premium quality steel like M390. Blade deployment should be smooth, and it should lock up like a vault, letting you know there won’t be any accidental closes.

The grip should be solid, made from durable material for improved handling. You’re working hard, the last thing you need is a knife slipping in your grip. These knives should be made for prying. This isn’t a knife you only use for opening boxes.

Examples of Heavy Duty Pocket Knives


The OG-170 Fat Boy is a smaller, heavy-duty knife that’s built like a tank. The short, thick blade is made from AUS-8 steel and does the work of knives three times its size. This stout knife is perfect for anyone who lives a more rugged life.

The OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper has a modified tanto tip, with the blade being made from cryo treated AUS-8 steel. This knife is huge, solid, and when you use it, everyone around you notices. Field tested by the military, this knife is proven to be able to go the distance under the harshest circumstances. A true beast of a heavy duty knife. 

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