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One of the wonderful things in the world is the variety of knives available. With pocket knives, the button lock folding knife gives you an entirely different locking mechanism that handles better for many people.

What Is A Button Lock

A button lock is one of several locking mechanisms used to keep a folding knife from accidental closure. Previously, button locks had only been used on automatic knives, but recently these locks have been added to assisted open knives.

It works by using a spring-loaded plunger. The spring exerts pressure outward, against the button. When you’re ready to close the knife the button is pressed which lines up a notch in the plunger. The blade moves through this notch to close, and the button is released.

It’s not necessary to push the button to open the knife, so it can be combined with any opening mechanism.

Benefits Of A Button Lock Knife


While the type of locking mechanism you choose is always a matter of preference, a button lock offers a unique way to close a knife that may suit some better. One major concern many people have with frame and liner locks is that it puts fingers in the path of the blade. With the button lock, it’s possible to close the knife while keeping your fingers completely out of the way.

The action is ambidextrous, even though the button is located on the right side of the handle. Right-handed people would use their thumb to press the button, while southpaws would use their index finger.

It’s essential to check your local laws before you buy. Since its primary use has been on automatic knives, some states have banned the locking mechanism as well.

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