Buy A Zero Tolerance EDC Knife Online


If you’re looking for a durable everyday carry, check out a Zero Tolerance EDC knife. ZT is known for building knives to deal with the toughest situations, and that commitment to quality carries over into the range of EDC knives.

What Is an EDC?

An everyday carry is a folding knife designed to be carried and used daily. These knives are small to medium pocket knives with a blade ranging between two and a half to four inches, though if a larger one fits in your pocket, go for it.

Since these are daily use knives, it’s recommended to have a good shape that can perform multiple functions. A tanto blade is awesome, but not as useful as a drop point or a clip point. However, with the variety of blade modifications available, it’s easy to find a good, multifunctional edge in a shape you like.

The EDC knife should have a synthetic handle, and texturing is advised for improved grip. While natural materials look cool, these are more difficult to clean and can become warped or damaged, hindering your knife.

Who Could Use a ZT EDC



Zero Tolerance first built knives for law enforcement, military personnel, firefighters, and first responders. These knives have gained a reputation as the best tactical knives on the market, and the EDC knives are overbuilt just like the tactical versions.

Hunters, campers, backpackers, survivalists, fishermen, farmers, and preppers find ZT’s knives to be exemplary in both form and function. The materials used are high quality, tough, and expertly assembled to make a knife that can work as hard as you.

ZT works with a variety of designers, each of whom brings their own flair to each creation, so there is an EDC knife for everyone.

If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.