Buy A Spring Action Pocket Knife Online


There are many times in a working person’s life when it’s necessary to open a knife with only one hand. For those instances, a spring action pocket knife is the best option, as it allows you to maintain your hold while still deploying the knife.

Is a Spring Action Knife Legal

There is some confusion between a switchblade and a spring action. An automatic knife is illegal in most states, while an assisted knife is not. The primary difference between the two is how the spring works.

A switchblade has spring tension against the blade, so it’s constantly waiting to open, and a mechanism is there to hold it shut. When a button or lever on the handle is pressed, the knife is released to deploy.

A spring assisted knife is geared toward staying closed. The spring doesn’t engage until the knife has opened fifteen to twenty degrees, and it’s opened by the user. So pressure is applied to a flipper or thumb studs on the blade itself, and when the knife has opened a small way the spring takes over and deploys the knife.

Benefits of a Spring Assisted Knife


A spring assisted knife lets you quickly and easily open a knife with only one hand, and since most of these knives are ambidextrous, it’s good for the southpaws, too. The spring action knife is legal in most states, so there’s less worry about carrying the correct knife if you’re crossing state lines.

There are fewer moving parts in a spring assisted knife than an automatic, and even if something goes wrong, a spring assisted knife will still open like a manual folder. These knives are sturdier, and more durable than an automatic as well.  

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