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Styles, designs, and materials for knives come from all over the world, but few of them have as strong a reputation and history with blades like Japan. Even in the modern age, where new technologies abound, Japan maintains its reputation and comes out with sterling steel at cost effective prices.

So if you buy a Japanese folding pocket knife online, you already know the quality you’re purchasing.

What is Japanese AUS-8 Steel

Japanese AUS-8 steel is an upper-class medium grade stainless steel that is high in chromium and on the lower end with carbon. It is well balanced between strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. While AUS-8 doesn’t hold its edge as well as steels such as Elmax or M390, it is much easier to sharpen to a razor edge.

AUS-8 can be given additional treatments, such as cryogenically cooling it with liquid nitrogen to improve the wear resistance and strength of the steel. Another treatment is coating it with titanium nitride which increases the durability of the steel.

Why Choose a Japanese Steel Knife


When you choose a knife, unless you have the cash to spare, you’re looking for good quality steel at a fair price. The steel must be able to hold an edge well, not get scuffed the first time you unfold it, and it has to be resistant to both rust and corrosion.

You’ll need to sharpen the knife at times, and if you choose carbon steel or a premium grade stainless, it can be quite difficult. AUS-8 is much easier to sharpen, which is perfect for those who don’t want to spend an hour or two, or those who are still new to sharpening their own knives.

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