Bowie Style Folding Knives


Have you ever wanted to own a Bowie, but didn’t want the size, or find that a fixed blade is awkward to carry? There is a growing number of Bowie style folding knives available on the market which may suit your tastes. These knives are lighter, more compact, and easier to carry than the traditional fixed blade Bowie.

Features of a Bowie Style Knife

First off, a Bowie is always a fixed blade, which is why we are talking about ‘Bowie style’ knives. They follow the familiar shape of a Bowie without having all the characteristics of a fixed blade.

One of the most iconic features of a Bowie is the clip point on the thick blade. Even in a folding knife, this can be easily seen and properly attributed to the Bowie influence. Since the Bowie was originally designed to be a hunting knife, it has the heavy blade and curved belly to aid in dressing an animal.

While a normal Bowie usually has a carbon blade, a folding version should be made from a high-quality stainless steel. Carbon steels are usually too brittle in a smaller knife and can break, whereas a stainless steel will is tough enough to be made into a folding knife.

Who Could Use It


Hunters, backpackers, survivalists, campers, and preppers are amongst the first that come to mind when thinking about Bowie style folding knives. They are the ones outdoors, living the kind of life that Bowie style blades were intended for.

That being said, there is absolutely no reason for those who want a collector’s item, knife enthusiasts, or even those in law enforcement or EMTs from purchasing it. This style is durable, tough, and designed to work hard for you.

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