Zero Tolerance Neck Knife For Sale


If you’re looking for a solidly built fixed blade knife with a reputation for strength and combat readiness, you should consider a Zero Tolerance neck knife. Zero Tolerance was created because a need was seen for quality combat knives, not just for military personnel, but also for police and first responders.

What Is a Neck Knife?

A neck knife is a small, fixed blade knife that’s carried around the neck by some sort of tie. The tie can be leather, paracord, ball chain (what’s used for dog tags), or even a shoestring if necessary.

There are two ways of carrying a neck knife, handle up and handle down. Handle up is the traditional way, also known as mountain man style. Handle down is the modern, and preferred method.

When the knife is carried handle down, there are a few ways to keep it in the sheath. One method is to have a slightly looser sheath with magnets inside to hold the knife in place, though this method shouldn’t be your first choice. The second method is to use a snug, synthetic sheath like Kydex to hold the knife. A sharp pull frees the blade.

Why Choose a Neck Knife


Around the neck was the first place a knife was carried, and the location endured so long because it’s convenient. Neck knives are smaller, lightweight, and easy to carry as most only weigh a couple ounces. Usually, these knives are made from a solid piece of stainless steel, so no moving parts provides extra strength and durability.

Most times, neck knives are carried outside the shirt to be readily available, which also satisfies laws against concealed carry knives.

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