Spring Assisted Combat Knives for Sale


While combat knives have always been the purview of fixed blade knives, there has been an upsurge of the more compact version. Spring assisted combat knives can be deployed as fast as a fixed blade in experienced hands, and are easier to carry with you. The right combat knife can double as your everyday carry, so you’re never without.

Features of a Combat Knife

A combat knife needs to have a shape that can pierce, slash, and still perform other tasks that you’d need from a knife. Tantos are excellent combat knives, with a good, strong tip. Spear points have a sharp point and can be used to slash as well. It really depends on your fighting style which shape you choose.

A synthetic handle is easier to clean, while a textured grip means you’re less likely to slip. The assisted open ensures you can deploy your knife quickly and efficiently in a fight. The locking mechanism needs to be durable because an accidental closure can cause a serious accident.

Examples of a Combat Knife


The OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid is a flipper knife for fast deployment. The blade is a hawkbill combined with a tanto and made from AUS-8 steel. The steel has been cryogenically treated to increase strength and durability, and the G10 textured handle provides a good, non-slip grip.

The OG-780 Seadog is a reverse tanto knife made from cryo treated AUS-8 steel. The reverse tanto tip provides all the strength and toughness of a tanto with more of a belly for better slicing and slashing. The handle is G10 with linear texturing for better grip and a glass breaker on the very end.

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