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What are spring action knives?

The spring action knife, also known as a spring-assisted knife or an assisted opening knife, has a spring bar mechanism that pushes the blade open. Unlike a switchblade, the spring action knife requires some initial force, usually with the thumb, to activate the spring mechanism.

Once the blade is manually pushed open about a quarter of the way, or to about a 45-degree angle, the spring catches the blade and pushes it open the rest of the way. The blade is then locked into place.

How does the spring action knife compare to other knives?

In comparison, the switchblade has a more automated mechanism and usually opens with the simple push of a button. When in a closed position, the blade of a switchblade is only kept in place by a small bar or lever. When the bar is removed, the blade quickly springs all the way open.

Spring action knives are a safer, more controllable alternative. They are still very easy to open and can be quickly sprung open with the thumb of one hand. However, while the switchblade is illegal in most states, the spring action knife is more widely legal.

What are spring action knives used for?

The spring action knife is a convenient, versatile, pocket-sized knife that can be used in a variety of situations, ranging from hunting or camping to self-defense. Compact and safe, they are the perfect

option for anyone who needs the convenience of a sharp, reliable blade. They come in a variety of models, blade types, and price ranges.

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