"Respect For Vets" shines a light on US Veterans for their brave service.  It's our way to show gratitude and respect as we ask each amazing Vet a few questions about their service.  We send "Off-Grid Knives" products for each to keep, test and get their feedback.

To all veterans... "Thank You for Your Service!"

Meet our first #RespectForVets US Veteran Joshua Long...


What war(s) and branch of service did you serve in, what was your rank and where did you serve?

I Joined the Army as Combat Medic, I deployed twice to Iraq, once in 2004-05 for Operation Iraqi Freedom and also in 2010-11for Operation Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn.

Tell us about a couple of your most memorable experiences during your service.

I would have to say the day I treated an Iraqi Girl who was about 6 years old, a vehicle had hit her.  She was extremely injured,  I treated her wounds and then we evacuated her to the hospital for further treatment.

Another time I recall in 2011, myself and about 5 other soldiers from my unit went and fitted Iraqi children for wheelchairs so their lives would be better in the long run.  The smile those children gave us as we fitted them for the wheelchairs was the best gift we could receive while we were deployed there.


Where did you travel while in the service?

I was deployed Overseas, twice in Iraq.  As for State side, Washington, Georgia, Arizona then back to Washington.

Do you recall what kind of knife you carried?

Yes, it was about four of them, a Gerber Applegate folding knife, a CKRT folding knife, a Leatherman Multi-tool, and a Cold steel fixed blade.

Did you see combat?

I did multiple times while I was deployed to Iraq.

After your military service, how did your service and experiences affect your life?

I still suffer from medical issues sustained while deployed to Iraq,  and at times I can be hyper-vigilant as a result. I am guarded and only really feel at home with my fellow Brothers In Arms. It has also taught me how to survive and to be prepared. I also gained many medical skills from my years as an Army Medic for which I would not trade anything for.

You had a chance to test out a few Off-Grid Knives designs, which one do you like the best and why?

The HAWKBILL TANTO FLIPPER KNIFE.  I love how heavy it is, also how thick the blade is. I love how wide the knife is as it fits my big hands perfectly, it has replaced one of my everyday carry knives. Overall it's well built and very sharp knife.

I want to thank Off-Grid Knives for all your support.

Joshua currently lives in Washington with his wife Michelle and 10, yes ten kids!