M390 Steel Knives for Sale



If you’re looking for a strong blade that can hold an edge no matter what you need, M390 steel knives are an excellent choice. A super steel, blades made with M390 steel can be used daily to cut a variety of substances from cardboard boxes to packing straps and still retain their sharpness.

Our team at Off-Grid Knives can help you find the right blade and style to suit your needs. Whether it’s camping, hunting, or multi-night backpacking, we’re ready to help you find the perfect knife.

Benefits of M390 Steel

M390 is a powdered stainless steel that is harder than normal steel. More resistant to stains and rust, this steel can hold a fine edge longer and is tougher than regular stainless steel. Easier to sharpen than some other super steels, it holds its edge and is just as wear resistant.

If you’re on a long camping or hunting trip, this steel is less likely to chip, so you spend less time trying to get an edge with a very basic kit. The harder steel means you remove less of it with every sharpening, so the blade lasts longer, making the investment worth it.

Who Can Use It?

Great for anyone into outdoor pursuits, M390 steel knives are perfect for wilderness guides, backpackers and multi-night camping. Only needing one knife reduces the weight that has to be carried, leaving you fresher at the end of the day.

Hunters, preppers, and Search and Rescue would also find this knife perfect to have as part of their gear. Able to tackle most tasks easily, and retaining the shaving sharp edge for longer, M390 steel is ideal for anyone who needs a tough, reliable knife.

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