Japanese AUS-8 Steel For Knives


The design is one of the most important aspects of knife making, and a good knife maker knows the value of an alloy like the Japanese AUS-8 steel. AUS-8 steel is found in many good quality knives specifically because it holds the middle ground between sharpening ability and corrosion resistance.

This makes it perfect for first-time knife buyers who want to learn to sharpen their own knives as well as workers in jobs who need an affordable, good quality knife.

What Is AUS-8 Steel?

AUS-8 steel is Japanese made, very similar to 440 steel but with vanadium added to provide more hardness. This is an upper medium quality steel that is favored by many knife makers and designers for its cost-effectiveness as well as its corrosion resistance. It has a great balance of strength and corrosion resistance that has helped it endure in a market where premium quality steels like CPM-154 and M390 exist.

With the proper cryo treatment, AUS-8 steel performs like a higher quality steel. The treatment gives it admirable edge retention and toughness while still being easy to sharpen.

Examples of AUS-8 Knives



The OG-218B Rapid Fire Blackhawk is a classic example of how a treatment can augment AUS-8 steel. This knife has been cryogenically treated to improve edge retention and corrosion resistance while a titanium nitride coating has also been added. The micarta handle is nearly indestructible and looks cool, too.

The Legal Eagle has a cryo treated AUS-8 blade with a modified tanto shape and semi-serrations. The knife was designed with law enforcement and first responders in mind, including a tungsten steel glass breaker.

These knives are excellent, with a series of great reviews, giving a real-world look at the efficacy of properly treated AUS-8 steel.

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