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There are a few things in life it’s worth spending a little extra on, and high quality tactical knives are one. While the quality of the material is important, the design is what makes or breaks the knife.

There are numerous knives made from the same steel, yet some are considered high quality, some are not, and the difference is what the maker did with the steel. Was it tempered correctly? Has it been treated? These display the thought and planning that can make a knife great.

Features of a Tactical Knife

There are 4 primary features to a tactical knife, without which they’re simply a good EDC. The shape of the blade is essential, and a tactical blade should have a strong tip with an easy to sharpen the edge. The shape also needs to be one that’s been designed with combat in mind, such as the tanto.

The grip should be synthetic, as it’s easier to clean, and ergonomic to prevent hand fatigue. The knife must have a blade lock, the sturdier, the better. After all, you’ll be using the knife at varying pressures and angles.

The knife edge can be either straight or semi-serrated, for sheer utility purposes. We recommend staying away from serrated knives for your tactical as they’re just not versatile enough.

Examples of High Quality Knives


The Black Mamba has a reverse tanto blade made from M390 steel, which has excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is made from titanium with titanium scales, to provide a lightweight, nearly indestructible grip.

The OG-850 is a hawkbill/tanto hybrid made from cryo treated AUS-8 steel. The cryo treatment gives the blade added strength and toughness so that upper medium quality steel performs like a high-quality one. The handle is textured G10 for better grip security.

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