Flipper Knives For Everyday Carry


If you’re looking for a knife that opens quickly and can do any job you throw at it, then flipper knives for everyday carry are definitely for you.

Features Of An Everyday Carry Knife

The knife should be of a size that fits comfortably into your pocket without digging in, and the grip needs to fit your hand. Knife size is also important as a blade too small is useless for most purposes, while a six-inch blade is too bulky to carry easily. A rapid opening option like a flipper or assisted open ensures you can quickly access your knife when it’s needed.

For the blade’s design, consider what you need in a knife. If you’re looking for more of a self-defense weapon, a strong, sharp tip is essential. If you plan on cutting or slicing, then a knife with a belly will work better, like a drop or clip point.

The handle needs to be ergonomic, which usually means no finger grooves, and made from a suitable material. While natural materials like wood, bone, or antler look great, these aren’t the best for EDC knives that may get filthy or wet. A good, lightweight synthetic material like G10, or a metal like titanium, work best.



Benefits of Having an EDC

There are a number of things you can use an EDC for, such as cutting and peeling fruit, for first aid, or camping. Fishing, hunting, and backpacking are also activities that you frequently need a knife for, and an everyday carry is the perfect type.

While you can use a pair of scissors or side cutter to deal with twine, rope, or thin wire, a folding knife has more uses and is more likely to be in your pocket when it’s needed.

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