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Cleaver Pocket Knife

Looking for a unique, durable, quick deploying cutting instrument that you can carry around in your pocket? The cleaver pocket knife by Off-Grid Knives will last you forever and won’t burn a hole in your pocket with the excessive cost that many companies charge.

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Cleaver Pocket Knife

This unique flip-action blade is the perfect knife to add to your collection. Ideal for right or left carry, the cleaver pocket knife allows you to grip and flip with one hand. When closed, it will slide deep in your pocket. Although it’s a good size knife, its lightweight, ergonomic design allows you to slip it in and out of your pocket, and open and close it, with ease.

Knife Features

The blade is a cleaver-style AUS8, and the G-10 grip is both durable and comfortable to handle. If you want to release the flipper simply deploy the flipper lever or use the dual thumb studs. The flipper is spring assisted and allows for smooth one-hand action.

The size of the cutting edge is 2.9 inches (this qualifies for legal carry) and the blade measures 1.48 inches at it’s widest point. The full grip measures 5 inches, and the all-together length of the knife is 5.8 inches.

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