Carabiner Bottle Opener

You’re sitting around the campfire, at the end of a day of fishing and you’re ready to crack open a cold one. One problem, nobody can find the bottle opener. This is where a carabiner bottle opener comes in handy. While there is a huge range to choose from, we suggest one that has multiple functions, if only to explain it better to your other half.


Additional Features

A bottle opener is great, but shouldn’t you be asking for more? Some carabiners have the very handy dual gate S-shape. This means you can clip your keys to one side, the other to your belt loop, and if you ever have to remove it, you won’t accidentally lose your keys.

Some carabiners have a screwdriver, or a flashlight tucked away. Whether you choose that will depend on how you feel about the added bulk to fit those features.

We prefer the version that gives a bit of extra fun, the model with a fidget spinner. Just check and make sure that the gates are large enough to easily hook to anything, such as a backpack or a purse.


Why Choose a Carabiner Bottle Opener

Once a carabiner has been hooked on, the chances you’ll lose it have just fallen to zero. Unless you’ve managed to misplace your pants, but we’re not judging. If your keys are attached to the same carabiner, then you can’t leave the house without also bringing your bottle opener, meaning no matter what, you’re set.

Having an item that’s good at one thing and one thing only is handy, when you’re looking at your boots, a knife, or that waterproof jacket. You don’t need that in a bottleopener. Better to have a multi-functional carabiner and get more bang for your buck.

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