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Gear can’t just be called tactical because it sounds cool, it has to be able to perform consistently, and be durable enough to survive in combat situations. Which is why people prefer to have tactical everyday carry knives since they know a tactical knife will outperform most other types of blades.

Features of a Tactical Folding Knife

The handle should be synthetic, ergonomic to prevent hand fatigue and textured for improved grip. The knife should have a sharp, strong tip, such as a spear tip, drop point, or tanto, though it’s not limited to these.

The knife edge is either straight or semi-serrated, though straight edges, properly sharpened, can perform as well as a serrated. Semi-serrated edges give you the option to cut through rope, small branches, or twine quicker, but reduces the amount of cutting edge you have. Serrated edges aren’t ideal as they don’t offer enough variety of function.

A tactical knife will also need a blade lock, as you’ll likely be using the knife at varying pressures and angles, to prevent accidental closure. Finally, while not essential, an assisted open is a plus, as you can deploy the blade quickly with only one hand.

Examples of Tactical EDC Knives


The Legal Eagle has a modified tanto tip, with a blade made from cryogenically treated AUS-8 steel. The flipper and dual thumb studs make it quick and easy to deploy, and the glass breaker can help you save a life.

The Black Mamba has a blade made from M390, a super steel. With excellent edge retention and wear resistance, the blade requires little looking after. The handle is textured titanium, to keep the weight down and make it more comfortable to use. A flipper completes the picture and allows ambidextrous opening with a bit of finger pressure.

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