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tactical cleaver pocket knife

Owning a tactical cleaver pocket knife is a growing trend amongst knife enthusiasts. Is it because it’s so handy on a daily basis? Does it add a level of adventure to food cooking that you only get when you’re outdoors?

Built sturdier than a regular folding cleaver, the tactical versions were created to be something new and exciting. Every style, length, and type of blade has been mixed and remixed. Now, knife designers are leading us into new territory with tactical cleaver knives.

About Tactical Cleavers

The term ‘tactical,’ as far as cleavers are concerned, indicate these knives can be used outside a normal kitchen. Originally designed for slicing and cutting vegetables and meat, the heavier duty tactical knives can be used to chop wood, slice rope, and survive contact with bone. 

Tactical cleaver knives have a huge variety of weight and size. From lightweight versions around 3.3 ounces, all the way up to one pound, they still fold and fit into a pocket. Cleaver blades also should not have a powder finish. Make sure it’s a stonewash, mirror polish, or similar, to protect the steel against corrosion from food.

Why Choose a Tactical Cleaver

Outdoor cooking has been taken to a whole new level with the tactical cleaver pocket knife. You don’t have to take an armory’s worth of knives with you if you decide to barbecue or grill. A single knife can now cover 90% of the work that needs to be done, and so much more.

Even if you rarely head outside to cook, the cleaver is still a great option because aesthetically, it’s very appealing. The wide blade, slight belly, and flat tip combine to make a knife that looks amazing and does the task as well as a standard kitchen cleaver.

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