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If you’re shopping for your first knife or you’re relatively new to the market, you may be curious about spring assisted knives. What are their advantages, and do I really need one? These knives do have some key advantages over other varieties, which we’ll cover below, but the question of need often comes down to personal preference.


The first benefit is speed of deployment. After you start the blade in motion, usually with a thumb stud or lever, a spring mechanism will take over and fully open the blade. Most models come with a locking mechanism to hold the knife open until you’re ready to close it manually.

Ease of deployment is also a plus for these knives. The entire process of grabbing the knife and opening the blade to the locked position can be done with a single hand, and often either hand. Many models will allow you to close the knife with one hand too. That is a level of convenience that isn’t available with some knife categories.

 Practical Uses

Speed and convenience are great, but are they truly necessary? Here’s where preference and your intended use of the knife matter. If you want the knife for self-defense, then speed is vitally important, and a spring assisted model is a solid choice for you.

If you plan to use it mainly for simple everyday tasks, then speed and convenience are nice, but may not be critical. That said, the faster and easier you can do something the better, so it’s your choice.

It may come down to safety as well. Being able to use your knife with one hand leaves the other available to help with more complex and dangerous tasks. Imagine being up on a ladder, operating your blade with one hand will put you in a much safer position.

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