Buy High Quality Credit Card Knife Online


When buying a smaller knife, the quality becomes more important otherwise it will fail on the first job. Fortunately, a high-quality credit card knife is affordable and cost-effective, ensuring you’ll never be without a knife.

Features of a Credit Card Knife

The differences between credit card knives are much broader than what you’ll see in standard folding knives. Some card knives are a titanium card with a sharpened edge, possibly serrations, and a couple finger loops for safe gripping.

Other card knives have a folding blade, then the edges of the card fold around and fasten down to form the handle. This style is the most popular, as it gives you a solid grip and allows it to be used almost like an EDC.

This folding handled knife’s blade is two and a half inches of surgical steel, so it offers plenty of cutting capabilities for its size. The handle is made from durable polypropylene that provides plenty of grip even if your hands are slick.

Benefits of a Card Knife


 The credit card knife fits neatly into a wallet, always there if you ever need a knife. It’s perfect for those times when you need a blade, but you’re in an area that may frown on or be frightened if you use your everyday carry. You can easily open packages and boxes with a card knife, and it can even handle cutting up an apple.

The card knife provides reassurance that you’ll never be caught without a knife and having a high-quality one ensures that it’ll be up to the task at hand. Just check legality, as some places consider card knives to be hidden blades.

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