Buy Credit Card Camping Knife Online


People are always on the lookout for lightweight gear, whether it’s the latest synthetic and leather hiking boots or a credit card camping knife. Anything to reduce the weight we carry on a daily basis and make life easier.

Features of a Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife is a small, folding blade that fits perfectly into the card pocket of a wallet. These are the ultimate in lightweight knives, as it’s difficult to go smaller and still have a functioning knife.

The shared features of a credit card knife are a stainless steel blade and a handle. The materials the handles are made from vary from stainless steel to aluminum, to polypropylene, to titanium.

There is often a latch that releases the blade for deployment, and some form of a locking mechanism to hold the knife open. The most common knife has the sides of the card folding around to form a handle, which also holds the knife open.

Uses of a Credit Card Knife


Credit card knives are perfect for those lightweight, easy tasks that are found in your day to day life. For cutting small pieces of food, opening letters, boxes, or other packaging, a credit card knife works brilliantly.

Even at a campsite, there are a few things you could use a card knife for, but it’s important not to use the knife for tasks outside its weight class. Jobs like opening food packaging, or other aspects of food preparation, and cutting a line, are perfect for this blade.

You should always have a sturdy folding knife on hand if you do intend to go camping and keep the credit card knife as a backup.

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