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tactical pen for self defense

These days, more and more people are looking for additional personal protection, without the hassle of carrying a knife. A tactical pen for self-defense is the perfect option for those people. Unobtrusive, small, and usable as a pen, a tactical pen can go with you wherever you travel.

Why Purchase a Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is small, easily carried, and works as a writing tool, making it ideal for those who prefer not to carry an obvious weapon for self-defense. The outer pen is made from high strength materials, such as aircraft grade aluminum, keeping it light as well.

At the opposite end from the writing tip is usually a glass breaker, frequently made from tungsten steel or similar. The cap has a small rise, making it useful as a pressure point striker, or a thumb rest if breaking glass.

These pens safely pass through security checkpoints and are allowed in countries where knives may be prohibited. These pens are lightweight and more affordable than premium quality knives, making them an attractive option for anybody looking for an additional grade of security.

Who Could Use a Tactical Pen

Those who could use a tactical pen are those who may have a difficult time carrying a knife and those who prefer not to. Office workers and students will appreciate having the additional protection offered by the pen as well as the functionality of a fully working writing tool.

Women, who may prefer to keep a lower profile by not carrying a knife, or who want to carry a defensive weapon everywhere, including on a plane, can definitely use it. Society conditions women to not be armed, and as a result, they are frequently at risk. Combining a tactical pen for self-defense with pepper spray and self-defense lessons and the women in your life will be much safer.

While the tactical pen’s usage is by no means limited to these few groups, they are the ones who can most benefit by carrying a tactical pen. This is why Off-Grid Knives offers ours in three colors, jet black, gunmetal, and hot pink, ensuring there is something for everyone.

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