Buy A Hawkbill Hybrid EDC Folding Knife Online


Some knife shapes are almost perfect, but sometimes you may be looking for something with a stronger tip or more of a belly. That’s where a hawkbill hybrid EDC folding knife comes in handy. This knife has been modified so that you can get the best of two worlds in one knife.

What Is A Hybrid Knife?

A hybrid is anything that combines two separate species or variants. Technically speaking, your average stainless steel is a hybrid of metals and elements blended to create a superior metal. So it is with a hybrid knife, though in this case, it means to blend elements of the handle or blade shapes.

The designing capabilities of a knife maker are showcased in how well a hybrid knife works, or even if it works at all. Sometimes, shapes are changed to improve a feature without losing the existing benefits.

For example, a reverse tanto doesn’t have much of a belly, but it can be combined with a drop point. That combination ensures it works better for slicing while still being able to punch through a car if necessary.

Example Of A Hybridized Hawkbill



The OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper is an assisted open knife that combines a hawkbill’s curved tip with the tanto’s straight edge and thick spine. This creates a strong, sharp tip and a wide, heavy blade that’s great for tough tasks.

It’s made from AUS-8 steels that have been cryogenically treated to improve edge retention, wear, and corrosion resistance. The handle is made from durable and lightweight G10, in an attempt to keep the weight of this huge knife down to a mere seven and a half ounces. The blade itself is a little over three inches, and an absolute beast.

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