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With people looking to spend time outdoors, there are more people looking to equip themselves. A cleaver folding pocket knife is an ideal start, particularly for those who’d like to take up camp cooking or just want an awesome knife.

What is a Folding Cleaver

A folding cleaver is the kitchen cleaver in miniature, though various knife makers have taken liberties with the traditional rectangular design. Being a pocket knife simply ensures it’s always handy whenever you need it.

They are available as manual opens or spring assisted, and there is no right or wrong one to choose. Though if you think there’s a chance you’ll need to open your knife with one hand, we recommend getting an assisted open. 

Uses for a Cleaver


Folding cleavers are most commonly used in the same way their fixed blade counterparts are, as a kitchen knife. Making a full meal at a campsite was never so easy, even if you weren’t expecting it. Great for cutting and slicing, they can handle meats, fruits, and vegetables without a problem, along with opening those pesky packages. 

One use that’s been growing in popularity is as a combat knife. While the lack of a tip prevents it from being used to stab or pierce, it does work well slashing. It bears looking at modifications from the knife makers, as there are some with more of a tip to them.

Example of a Cleaver Pocket Knife

The OG-950 Cleaver EDC has a blade made from cryogenically treated AUS-8 steel. The cryo treatment improves the overall toughness, edge retention, and wear resistance of the knife. The knife is an assisted open, with both the flipper and dual thumb studs for ambidextrous deployment. The handle is slightly textured G10 for a good grip.

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