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Knives serve multiple purposes. Combat tactical knives, folding knives that can be used by anyone from hunters to electricians, and you can also buy a camping survival knife. So while you may never need it for survival purposes, at least you know you’re prepared.

Features of a Camping Knife

The steel for the blade needs to be a good quality stainless steel, something that has good edge retention and is wear, corrosion, and rust resistance. M390 or another premium steel is preferred, though AUS-8 is a satisfactory, cost-effective alternative. 

You don’t want a knife that’s too light, it’ll never make it in the survival department, but too heavy and you’ve got a knife that’s dragging you down. Also, while we’d recommend a straight edge as it’s easier to re-sharpen, you may decide you’d prefer a semi-serrated in case you have heavier things to cut.

The blade shouldn’t be too large, either, somewhere between 3 and 5 inches. Too small and it can’t cope with the work at hand, too large, and you may find it confiscated the minute you walk out of the wilderness.

Who Could Use a Camping Survival Knife


Aside from the obvious answers of survivalists and preppers, there are many people who could use such a knife. Anybody who’s intending to spend any time in the wilder places should have a knife like this on them at all times. So hunters, backpackers, campers, anglers, and travelers would find this style of knife perfect, especially as an EDC.

A more surprising suggestion of who could use a camping survival knife are tradesmen. They work with their hands, frequently needing a knife, and this style is durable enough to keep up while having the corrosion resistance to survive their work.

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