Best Folding Knife for Self Defense

The best folding knife for self-defense can’t be narrowed down to a single blade. It would be like telling every military organization in the world that they have to use the same knife. Instead, there are key features that every good folding knife that has the potential to be used for self-defense should have.

What to Look For


The first thing is that the knife should be made from quality steel. The steel determines how well the blade will hold an edge, whether it’s prone to rust and corrosion, and how durable it is. While all of these may not be essential for self-defense, the truth is that it will be used for much more than that.

How the blade opens is essential. In a fight, you won’t have two hands available to open your folding knife manually. That means either a spring assisted open, or an automatic. You should be sure to check the laws in your state, as they vary in what is allowed.

What else will you use the knife for? This can really influence the style of the blade, the type of tip you choose, and whether the knife is a single or double edge. However, as most people find it useful to rest either a thumb or finger on the back of the blade for greater control, you might want to skip the double edge.

Who Should Use It


Survivalists, preppers, trekkers, law enforcement, and military personnel would all find it beneficial to have a small, foldable knife for those unexpected situations. Everyone can feel a bit safer, knowing they have a solid, durable knife in their pocket, though training in some form of self-defense is also advised to get the most from your purchase.

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