Assisted Knife with Bottle Opener


What is better than an assisted open knife? An assisted knife with a bottle opener, of course. After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing better than a cold beer. If all you have to do is reach in your pocket for your everyday carry knife to open it, so much the better!

What Is an Assisted Knife

An assisted knife is one that uses a spring or torsion bar to help with deploying the blade. Using either a flipper or thumb studs the user begins opening the knife. Once the blade has opened fifteen to twenty degrees, the spring takes over the opening.

What this does is ensures you can open the knife with only one hand, though not every opening is ambidextrous. A flipper can be used with either hand, but you’d have to check that there are two thumb studs if you’re a lefty.

It’s important to note that an assisted open knife is not an automatic knife. An assisted knife requires the user to exert some force or pressure on the blade to start the process. An automatic knife only requires the user to press a button or lever on the handle.



Why Choose A Spring Assisted Knife

A spring assisted knife is faster and easier to open than a manual knife and allows you to deploy the blade with a single hand. It’s legal in more states than an automatic knife, so you don’t have to worry about crossing state lines, either.

The assisted knife has fewer moving parts than an automatic, so is less likely to break. Even if the opening mechanism gives out, the knife can still open like a manual folding knife.

Just make sure the locking mechanism is solid, and there’s no blade play, as these can be safety issues.

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