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RIDGEBACK with Scandi Grind & 90 Degree Spine

The Ridgeback is Off-Grid's first true bushcraft knife and our first knife with a Scandi grind. Most bushcraft knives are on the smaller side, well, that's not our style. We went the other direction and made the Ridgeback a large fixed blade with chopping and batoning in mind. The five inch blade offers plenty of room to split wood with ease. The handle was designed to choke down to a three finger grip for comfortable chopping and hacking wood for your camp fire. The spear point/drop point blade has a wide belly and generous jimping creating a comfortable tool that can carve, cut, split and perform just about any task involving outdoor survival. The blade steel is Cryo D2 which offers excellent hardness, corrosion resistance and edge retention. When you're ready to spark a camp fire, use your ferro rod on the 90 degree spine to throw some sparks.  Call the Ridgeback a bushcraft knife, survival knife or a camp knife, no matter how you slice it, this is a true survival tool that's ready to throw down in any and all harsh environments.  

"The Ridgeback chops like an ax, cuts like a laser and takes a screaming edge...it's comfortable in a dozen different grips in a dozen different camping tasks." 
-Andrew N.
Cryo D2 Blade Steel & Scandi Grind

Using the same blade steel as our Tracker-X2 and Alpha-Dog fixed blades, our cryo D2 offers a unique combination of excellent edge performance, high hardness (HRC 61) and corrosion resistance...perfect for hard-use outdoor knives.  The Scandi grind, also known as a "zero grind" because there's no angle change in the edge.  This grind creates an edge that is made to split wood and cut with razor sharp precision, great for feathersticking and chopping.  Combine the Scandi grind with a wide belly five inch blade, simply makes baton work and chopping wood a breeze.  The blade also has a tumbled stonewash finish.

Reliable Bushcraft Camp Knife with 90 Degree Spine

We designed the Ridgeback to be a tool you can rely on in all outdoor environments.  Pair your Ridgeback with a ferro rod and you'll be ready to throw sparks and make a camp fire.  Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Bushcraft, Survival, Chopping, Feathersticking, Wood Processing, Shelter Construction...and any situation when you're Off-Grid.

Ergonomic Grip with Micarta Scales

We chose Micarta due to it's stability, light weight and resistance to humidity and wet environments...ideal for outdoor survival, bushcraft and camping use.  The ergos were designed for comfort and safety with a forward finger guard to prevent your hand from sliding.  There's also finger notches for a 'pinch grip' for lighter work and food prep and also a lanyard opening.  The black Micarta has nice texture and gray accents...these are good looking scales.

This Ridgeback Will Hunt

We named the "Ridgeback" after the fierce hunting dog with signature 'ridges' along the spine of the dog's back.  It's no coincidence that the Off-Grid Ridgeback has plenty of jimping along it's spine for added grip for your thumb and fingers. 

Updated Kydex Sheath with Thumb Ramp

The custom weatherproof Kydex holds the Ridgeback with excellent security, it will snap in with authority, no movement, no rattle, your blade is safe and secure when you're on the move.  When it's time to deploy, a simple one hand thumb push and your Ridgeback will be ready to cut.  We used our OG Lo-Pro belt clip which offers a low hip carry.  The Velcro-nylon button lock design easily attaches to your belt without the need to un-loop your belt.

Weight (oz.)
13.5oz with sheath & 10oz without sheath
Blade Length (in.)
Right / Left Hand Carry
OEM & Design
Design: Off-Grid Knives
OEM: Taiwan
Blade Length (in.)
Blade Width (in.)
Blade Thickness (mm)
Blade Hardness (HRC)
Blade Material
Cryo D2
Blade Style
Spear Point
Blade Color
Blade Edge
Plain Edge
Handle Length (in.)
Handle Color
Black & Gray
Handle Material
Sheath Material
Belt Attachment
OG Lo-Pro