Who are you guys?

Off-Grid Knives® is a family owned, American business, offering high quality knives at affordable prices. We offer many different types of tactical & EDC folders. We use the same high quality materials as the big name companies using the same high end manufacturing equipment without busting your wallet. Designing most of our knives 'in-house' and having close relationships with our knife makers, we can shave the cost dramatically and save you some hard earned cash. In addition, being a smaller company means less overhead and we pass the savings to you.  Our warehouse is located in Austin, Texas and our offices are in Thousand Oaks, California.

Our goal is to keep our prices between $35-$100 so our knives can be affordable to everyone. (Our new ELITE Series was launched, in collaboration with the WE Knife Company with a higher price point BUT still well below the competition.) 

Our mission is to deliver knives with the highest quality materials and build, and hand you a hard use tool you can use with confidence...should an issue arise, our Lifetime Warranty and world class customer service will take care of you.

On a personal note, it's been my dream to start a knife company.  I've been collecting knives ever since my first swiss army knife was given to me by my Uncle Larry, a badass US Marine,  when I was 8.  Pulling out every shiny blade and tool, seeing the different designs and different uses for each one...I was hooked.  If you're reading this, you're a 'knife-nut' just like me and all of us at Off-Grid Knives will continue to produce high quality fit & finish EDC knives that you can kick the crap out of and come back for more, AND give you as much value as possible. My wife and kids are very much involved in the business as well, what more could I ask for?


Cary O.

Where are your knives made?

The majority of our knives are made in Taiwan and some in China. We've attempted to produce high quality affordable knives here in the USA, but it's unfortunately not possible in order to meet our price points for the customer and quantity needed. We thoroughly vetted the companies we teamed with, sampled and tested all our products prior to partnering with them. These are the same production companies used by the big names you know well and likely already own. We chose our manufacturers because they use the same techniques as the larger US companies, and use the latest technology and materials, such as CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Controlled) and cryogenic treatments. 

You may know by now, the level of quality and competition in Asia has gone way up over the last 5 years.  We understand if you're a 'USA only' knife buyer, but give Off-Grid Knives a shot and we're confident you'll be pleasantly surprised.  We offer a money back guarantee AND a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee with registration.  You have nothing to lose except overpaying for a big name knife.

Nick Shabazz,  (72,000 subscribers on YouTube) said it best when referring to Asian production knives, "Quality is about effort rather than geography."

Why REGISTER Your Product?

We back our products with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee! We've heard it all, email us and we'll take care of you. For example, we had a customer drop their Rapid Fire Flipper...into a camp fire, and we replaced it on the spot!

Extra Crispy...

When we say "100% replacement guarantee" we mean it. A customer dropped their Rapid Fire Flipper into a #camp fire...and we replaced it on the spot. (Even if there was #whiskey involved.) After the lava bath, still flipping and razor #sharp!

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Why do we mostly use Japanese AUS8 steel?

AUS8 is an upper mid-range steel. It offers a relatively high resistance to rust and corrosion, very easy to sharpen and takes a razor sharp edge. We upgrade our Japanese AUS8 blades by giving our steels cryogenic treatments. Cryo's rapid cooling procedure goes further than just the basic quenching process, this treatment process improves strength and quality which provides a much stronger and longer lasting steel structure. It's an added expense we feel is worth every penny. Take all these factors and combine the "lower" cost of AUS8, it was an easy decision. Bottom line, AUS8 gives us the ability to deliver high quality knives affordably and meet our price point goals for YOU.

Will you be offering higher-end steels in the future?

Yes, in our new "Off-Grid Knives ELITE Series", we'll be offering high end premium materials. We're going to offer current and new designs in VG10, D2 and the newest "Super Steels" in the industry, Crucible Industries' S35VN, Bohler's M390 and Damasteel's RWL34 (used in custom knives, an incredible steel) and Bolher N690 in our fixed blades. This will obviously push us into a higher price point, yet we'll make sure to price it below the competitors using the same materials. We keep hearing from customers that they are willing to pay more for the higher end steels. We listen, and we'll deliver.

The 'Black Mamba' is the first knife in our ELITE Series, M390/Grade 5 Titanium, designed by Off-Grid Knives and built by the WE Knife company, quickly becoming a best seller, check it out here: THE BLACK MAMBA

Will you be offering a Fixed Blade?

Yes. We are currently in the final stages of two fixed blade designs.  One with D2 and the other with 1095 Carbon Steel.  We're very excited with these designs, they will be made with the same 'bomb-proof' production as our folders.  Perfect for camping, survival, bushcraft or any adventure Off-Grid.


Where else do you sell your knives?

In addition to OffGridKnives.com, we sell on Amazon.com... https://www.amazon.com/off-gridknives Walmart.com and Ebay.

(Off-Grid Knives is also on Amazon.jp (Japan) and Amazon.ca (Canada)

We Listen To YOU...

If you have suggestions, input, or ideas that you think might improve any one of our products, we'd love to hear it. We are always listening to our customers, working to improve our products every time we go back into production.

Knives are our passion, and so is our commitment to every customer who's apart of the 'Off-Grid' family. We want our customers to be happy campers no matter what, and we'll go the extra mile to make sure you're all good...guaranteed! 

Shoot us an email if you have any questions and we'll reply faster than our Rapid Fire Flippers!

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Cary O.
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