Off-Grid Credit Card Knife - Stash This Blade in Your Wallet

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Product Description

The Off-Grid Credit Card Knife

It will fit into your wallet perfectly as it's the exact size of a credit card.  We use the best high quality materials, this CC Knife is built to last.   Will this be your main knife of choice? Of course not, but you never know and this knife will be there when you need a blade.

Three easy steps to unfold: 

  1. Release Safety Catch 
  2. Flip Blade Upright 
  3. Pull Flaps Into a Handle & Lock Into the 5 Security Pegs... 

THAT'S IT!  Don't be caught without a blade. Don't worry, we have a 100% Lifetime Guarantee!

  • SURGICAL STEEL BLADE: Same Size as Your Credit Card with a Super Sharp Cutting Edge
  • LIGHT & STRONG: Polypropylene Handle Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime
  • THIN & SMART DESIGN: 3 Simple Steps to Unfold and Locks Into it's Own Sheath
  • EVERY DAY CARRY: Discreetly & Safely Fits Into a Wallet
  • BACKUP PLAN: A Great Portable 2.5 Inch Blade When You Need A Knife