Types of Knives to Carry on a Keychain

Types of Knives to Carry on a Keychain

Nov 15th 2018

Adding a knife to your keychain takes some extra consideration – you’ll need to be careful and make sure you remove it when you’re going somewhere like an airport where you can’t legally carry it.

That said, there are a lot of benefits of having a knife on your keys attached to an  EDC keychain carabiner.

Not all knives are ideal for keychains either. We’ll run you through some of the reasons to carry a knife on your keychain and offer up some of the best examples to give you an idea of what’s out there.

Benefits of Carrying a Knife on a Keychain

When your knife is right there, on your keychain, it’s never far from reach when you need to open or cut something. You’ll have a useful tool at your disposal, many times already in your hand.

Also, consider that a knife on your keychain is less likely to get itself lost. When it’s attached to your keys, that’s one less item you’ve got to remember, checking your pockets when leaving work or coming out of a restaurant. You might even like the extra bulk it adds to your keys, and it could give you an extra reason to remember them if you have a tendency to be forgetful.

Furthermore, you’ll be holding that knife in your hand rather than in a concealed position. Although a concealed knife can surprise an attacker, in many cases it might be good to let a potential criminal know that you’re already armed. There’s nothing to stop you carrying an additional concealed weapon as well, just in case you need a backup when a dangerous situation arises.

Examples of Keychain Suitable Knives

The following knives are all suitable for keychain attachment. You could definitely benefit from combining them with an EDC keychain carabiner too, offering you more diversity for attaching your knife while hiking or out in nature. Some carabiners even come with smart features like combine bottle openers and spin for entertainment.

  • Off-Grid Knives OG-808S – What’s important is carrying a knife with a suitable design to attach onto a keychain first of all. The OG-808S is light, compact and features a hole for attaching a ring or chain.
  • It’s a great knife for taking fishing or out on the trail and combined with a suitable EDC keychain carabiner; you’ll always have a place to hook it.
  • Off-Grid Knives OG440S – The Hawkeye fixed blade is an attractive, multi-purpose tool featuring different blade types and a unique grip. Using the serrated edge, you can easily cut through rope or spark a Ferro rod out on the trail. It’s a great everyday carry for military and law enforcement too, thanks to its options for wrapping around the neck or attaching to a keychain.

What to Consider

Sure – keychain knives are typically smaller than larger  deep-pocket carry folding knives, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done. Big or small, you’ll have a potential self-defense weapon already in your hands when approaching your car and home – two occasions where you could be at risk. Not in your pocket, not in a holster but right there, in your hand, because you’re already holding your keys.

It could be the fastest way to respond to any incoming threat, so take a look at keychain knives and think about how they might fit into your personal security strategy.