Three Essential Items for Survival in the Woods

Three Essential Items for Survival in the Woods

Aug 25th 2018

Planning your next outdoor adventure? Whether you are planning a day trip to hike in the woods or a full-on survival challenge, there are three things you need to ensure your survival: a flashlight, a sharp blade, and a fire-starter. To keep your pockets light and reduce fumbling around for the right tool, there are survival knives out there that contain all these features to keep you safe while you visit the woods.

1. Flashlight

A flashlight can be an invaluable tool for your woodland hike. Even if you plan a short hike, a flashlight can be an invaluable tool.

Did you know a flashlight can help you identify dangerous predators? Bright lights are effective for stunning or identifying different creatures. If you start to hear rustling in the bushes near you, shine your light directly at the noise. The bright light will help show the animal that you are a threat, especially if it's accompanied by a loud shout. Establish yourself as the predator, so the animal assumes the role of prey and scampers away to a safer spot.

For longer camping trips, a flashlight can help you dig through your gear or make sure your path to the bathroom is clear of poisonous plants and insects.

2. Sharp blade

A sharp blade can be critical to your woodland survival. Knives are great all-purpose tools that can help you with everything from utility purposes to defense.

Utility purposes include cutting easily through ready-to-eat food pouches or removing dangling threads. A blade that includes a serrated edge allows you to slice through tough rope, saw through tougher materials, or even spark a Ferro Rod for a campfire.

In terms of defense, a sharp blade can quickly neutralize threats both human and animal. If your flashlight does not properly stun that animal rustling in the bushes, your knife will be the next step for your survival.

3. Firestarter

A firestarter can be the difference between life and death if you lose your way in the woods.

Getting lost happens even to experienced hikers and campers. A fire can be used to build an SOS signal, cook hunted prey, and boil water for safe drinking.

If you've ever watched survival shows, you know that trusting your ability to start a fire with sticks or other simple methods can quickly fail with extreme weather, stress, or fatigue.

All-in-one survival knives

If you plan to buy survival knives online, an all-in-one tool might be your best bet for surviving in the woods. Most utility knives built for survival purposes often include two or three of your essential items in one place.

The most effective knives don’t necessarily need all three options, but they should help you meet your needs.

If your adventures take you out to the woods for extended trips often, choosing a single tool may not be as useful as choosing several different options to scatter through your gear and carry every day.