Survival and Outdoor Knives online

Survival and Outdoor Knives online

Aug 25th 2018

In the world of survival, there is one tool that is critical for its versatility and practicality for the survivalist: the knife. A good outdoor knife is light weight, compact, and capable of withstanding continued use without dulling or breaking. These knives are used in cooking, cleaning a kill, starting fires, setting up shelters, and self-defense. If you don’t have a good  survival knife, consider looking for one through an online knife stores.

Shopping for Knives Online

Buying survival and outdoor knives online empowers the survivalist to find right knife with a balance of features, quality, and cost.

There are three key features to look out for when buying an outdoor knife: safety, durability, and function.

Safety should be a top priority because even a minor cut can turn fatal outdoors.

Durability should be a second priority as you need to rely on your knife to last through cutting, digging, sawing, and fire-starting.

Function will define the way in which you personally want to use the blade.

Safety Features

Spring Assisted Flippers: Knives are tools that often necessitate multi-tasking. Stop thinking of spring assisted blades as an outdated street fighting weapon. Flip blades allow you to safely withdraw a knife with one hand while using the other hand to hold things in place. Putting a blade on the ground or table while open is dangerous and difficult to retrieve while working on other tasks.

Handle Design: There are a variety of knife grips that can be considered for both style and function. Ergonomically correct grips with a variety of textured services ensures the knife does not slip out of your hands under days and wet conditions. A quality knife may also have a clip on the handle for easy storage that should not compromise the grip.


The key to knife longevity comes down to the alloy used and the surface finish. Starting with a stainless- steel alloy creates a durable rust and corrosion resistant blade for a knife that will last.

Stainless steel comes in a variety of alloy mixes and grades for varying strength and durability. Finishing a knife off with a titanium nitrate coating further hardens and protects the blade while allowing the sharpness to last longer.


The design of a blade will determine the function of the knife as well as size and weight. When picking a knife, consider the ways in which the knife is being utilized.

For example, a blade with a half serrated section could be utilized to saw through a smaller branch or cutting through joints when processing an animal during a hunt.

Other blades might need to be compact to make utilizing them easier in specific tasks during survival or everyday carry.

Before you buy a knife, figure out what you need it to do and buy a blade geared toward that purpose.

Finding the Best Online Knife Store

Anyone can create an online store, but the best online knife stores will provide you with information, variety, and online support. A red flag for a poor online experience is the lack customer service from the site itself. It’s important to have live chat options to help answer questions and process orders.

A way to reach out for support via email or online form gives you peace of mind for quality and guarantee of the product. A social media presence allows you see what other customers think of products and services.

Finding a knife store shouldn’t be an experience to dread. Look for sellers who are experts and use the products they sell. Educated and empowered outdoorsmen know to look online for the best balance of cost and quality.

An online knife store can connect you with products not available locally and in the comfort of your own home.