Spotlight: Spring Assisted Flipper Knives

Spotlight: Spring Assisted Flipper Knives

Aug 25th 2018

There seems to be a stigma around the value of a spring assisted flipper knife. Many people assume this is the same as a switchblade which is illegal in most states.

There is a significant difference between these two release mechanisms. Spring assisted flipper knives use a mechanism that is legal virtually everywhere.

A switchblade will release blade without assistance beyond the push of a button. This makes the knife dangerous to the wielder and promotes misuse.

In contrast, the spring assisted flippers requires the user to manually extract the blade but makes the processes easier, allowing you to deploy the blade quickly.

Knives are tools that demand respect and are very unforgiving when the wielder loses focus. The ability to quickly open and close a knife with one hand is critical to multi-tasking and self-defense. Making the blade easier and faster to withdraw improves the safety, function, and usability of the blade.

Spring assisted Flipper knives are also weapons. Since they have a faster deployment time, this increases the intimidation factor.

Keep in mind too that in a combat situation an opponent will not give you the courtesy of allowing you to do a slow deployment of your blade.

Finding Quality Knives

Springs assisted flipper knives for sale online are a better alternative to traditional storefronts because online suppliers connect you with a product that is often unavailable locally.

Off Grid Knives online store means we can keep our costs low, passing on the savings to our customers. We concentrate on bringing to market the quality blades of all sizes, shapes, and types.

We carry some of the best spring assisted knives on the market.

Picking a Knife Style

Understanding the best knife style for you means trying to figure out how you will use it. Spring assisted flipper knives are ideal for survival and every day carry.

The survival options include blades with half serrated edges giving you the added function of cutting through objects that might otherwise require a saw.

Cleaver knives, for example, are specialized for cooking but sturdy enough for everyday use. Larger flat blades are good multi-use alternatives that are both functional and impressive.

Whatever your need, Off Grid Knives has an option for you.

Additional Features

All knives will have a variety of features that set them apart from each other. The knifeā€™s grip is an important feature that mix personal preference and function.

Ergonomically designed grips with a variety of surfaces for all conditions improve the safety and comfort of your knife usage.

Consider purchasing a clip you can attach to the handle that allows you to access the knife quickly.

The Best Knives Online

Off Grid Knives is dedicated to connecting you with the finest knives at affordable prices for survival and everyday use. We offer the highest quality spring assisted knives for sale online.

Our knives come with a lifetime replacement guarantee and are recognized for their rugged and sturdy construction.

Whether you are a looking for every day carry or need a specific function, we have a wide variety to choose from that will surely meet your requirements.