Off Grid Practical Tactical Knives

Off Grid Practical Tactical Knives

Aug 25th 2018

People often use the word “tactical” liberally when it comes to knives. To use the word so liberally is a bit of a misnomer, however, because to say that something is tactical often conjures up feelings of combat, war, and the artfully skilled huntsman.

The meaning of tactical has evolved to connote every-day usefulness.

When someone refers to tactical knives, he or she may mean the knives can are great to keep on your person to use when performing common tasks throughout your day.

If you are interested in any sort of tactical knife, combat, or every-day, Off Grid Knives can supply you some of the best knives tactical knives available on the market.

Whatever type of folding knife you want, Off Grid Knives has tactical knives for sale that are sure to fit your needs.

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are just that…they are fixed! Fixed blade knives do not fold into the bottom portion of the knife, the handle, but rather, the blade of the knife stays fixed in one position and moves as the user’s hand moves it.

Fixed blade knives typically are longer, sturdier, and are made with a heavier type of metal as compared to other types of knives. Folding knives are not necessarily for everyday use, but rather, are meant for activities such as hunting, fishing, or opening hard to open objects.

Folding knives are much more practical for most people and under most circumstances.

Folding Knives

Folding knives tend to be, on average, smaller than fixed blade knives. Folding knives are practical because they fold and can fit in your pocket and are more useful in a myriad of situations, outside of just hunting or fishing. For example, Off Grid has a knife in its collection that can actually fit in your wallet!

Features of a Folding Knife

Further, another benefit of folding knives is its locking mechanism. Locks come in a variety of forms: slip-joint, lockback, linerlock, and finally, framelock. Locking mechanisms are not only a practical feature on a folding knife, but also, they serve a safety function.

Blade and Handle 

It may seem obvious that a blade and handle are the only components that make up a tactical knife. However, the materials that make up your blade and handle are essential to efficient knife use.

Blade Material

Blade material can range from stainless steel to plastic to one that has been cryogenically treated. The grade of steel can vary. Off Grid, however, only uses high-quality steel for our blades.

Handle Material

Handles are important because they serve as the foundation for your grip on the knife. A handle that remains dry and does not absorb moisture is most important. Additionally, a unique or thoughtful design on the handle is always an added positive.

Off Grid Knives prides itself on one of a kind designs for its handles that provide you with a firm gripping surface, easy to grip with your bare hand or gloves, and perfect for everyday use.