Innocuous Items that You Can Carry for Protection

Innocuous Items that You Can Carry for Protection

Aug 25th 2018

A sense of security is one of our most natural desires. Even—or perhaps especially— when on the go, people want to feel safe. This means there has always been a market for the modern pocket knife. Over the last several decades, this iconic American tool has evolved in a way that now offers a knife suited for anyone looking to protect themselves. Some of the most common among self-defense seekers are the tactical pen and assisted flipper knives.

Dating back to the 1960s, the tactical pen is a writing utensil with combat-oriented features. The flipper knife is a take on the classic pocket knife, defined as having the ability to open one-handedly.

Distinctly different and unique in their own ways, these tools are crafted with quality and safety in mind.

At Off-Grid Knives, we also understand that the instrument you carry is personal. It should fit in your hand just right, feel comfortable in your pocket, and be a tool that you are proud to own. And while there are those who enjoy the flashy, more conspicuous knife, (we carry those, too!) many looking for a protection tool are in the market for something sleek and modest.

For this reason, Off-Grid Knives carries tactical, EDC devices that are among the most innocuous on the market. Featured among these are a series of flipper knives and our uniquely designed tactical pen. The wide variety and high quality of these self-defense tools will leave you feeling safe at all times.

Off-Grid Tactical Pen

For only $19.95, this device is both distinctive and practical. It takes on the appearance of a standard writing utensil but packs much more utility. Featuring a sharp tungsten alloy tip, this pen is strong enough to break glass should you need to enter or escape a locked car. Similarly, this end of the device could inflict serious damage on an attacker.

Also composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, our tactical pen for sale is durable enough to withstand the test of time. The ergonomic design makes for easy handling and comes in three stylish colors. The snap-on cap ensures safe carrying and boasts a removable clip for extra security.

Our tactical pen is the perfect gift for friends, family, and loved ones. Customers have the option of ordering the pen in a special gift box that includes an ink refill.

A final word on this tool: It’s TSA travel-friendly!

Off-Grid Flipper Knives

Included among our tactical EDC products are a number of artistic assisted flipper knives. Our signature Hawkbill and Seadog blades are one-of-a-kind designs that accompany our beautifully crafted handles. From our All-Day Nano weighing in at a mere 3.3 ounces to the Rapid Fire Blackout with a 3.75” blade, Off-Grid has what you need for the perfect self-defense knife.

Especially unique to these knives is our trademark Rapid Fire Flipper. Each one guarantees lightning-fast deployment from either hand using spring-assisted flipper triggers or dual thumb studs. All models fit comfortably in your hand and pocket and give you peace of mind wherever you are.

As a small, family-owned business, we are dedicated to manufacturing the best tools at the most affordable prices. We take safety seriously, and that’s why our products not only meet all your self-defense needs, they also employ safe handling features. At Off-Grid Knives, you will receive nothing but the best.