Hunting Knives: Seasonal Choices

Hunting Knives: Seasonal Choices

Aug 25th 2018

Hunting knives, once known as daggers, were used at one time primarily for stabbing prey. They were an essential survival tool and part of a man’s equipment to feed himself and his family. Owning a good hunting knife was vital to the survival of anyone who lived and worked in the wilderness.

Today’s versions of the hunting knife are more suited to skinning than for stabbing as we have learned to use other weapons to harvest prey.

Choosing the correct instrument from the many types of hunting knives available today is not easy as there are many different designs. To make things even more complicated, many hunters choose to buy a hunting knife online.

Here are some tips and types of knives available for purchase online to hunters for hunting season.

Tips for Buying a Hunting Knife Online 

Where should you look online to purchase the hunting knife you need? The best advice is to stick with only reputable knife dealers. Ask your family or friends and see if they have any experience online.

When you find a site, research reviews, and read about other customers’ experiences.

Next, you should always only purchase online from sellers who use online encryption to safely secure sensitive information such as your credit card number.

Know what hunting knife you need before you go online. What specific features are you looking for in a knife? Does it need to be large or small? What type of blade and handle are you needing? Do you have a price range in mind?

Choosing the Correct Knife for Different Hunting Seasons

Hunting seasons vary in time, length and prey that can be harvested. So, knowing when it is legal to hunt different animals in the wild is very important. One excellent choice is to check the United States Forest Service website or the website for the forestry department of your state.

One animal that can be hunted virtually all year by sportsmen is fish. Obviously carrying a huge knife would be cumbersome and unnecessary. For this purpose, a smaller folding knife will do. This type of blade will also come in handy when skinning small game such as squirrel or rabbit when they are in season.

If, however, you are harvesting more massive game such as deer, you will need a clip point drop point bladed knife to dress them. Choosing this type of knife is helpful since you will mostly use the tip of the blade to cut the thin membranes that keep the skin and muscle tissue attached.

If you are a first-time hunter, it would be advisable to ask someone with experience to help you decide from among the hundreds of brands that are available today. Be sure to look only for reputable businesses like Off-Grid Knives for your needs.

When embarking on a hunting adventure the correct equipment was chosen for the hunting season is important. It can make the difference between a successfully harvesting game and a hunting venture you would rather forget.