How to Choose an Everyday Pocket Knife

Mar 12th 2019

Choosing an everyday pocket knife is no small task. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of styles to choose from and it can get overwhelming. It helps if you have a basic idea what you’re looking for, so we’re here to offer a bit of information to get you started.

The Purpose

What you’ll be using the knife for will determine a good deal about it. If you’re an outdoorsman, you’ll be looking at knives that have a good, strong steel that’s resistant to corrosion. Single bladed knives that have a solid locking mechanism and a one-handed open, too.

If you’re more of an urbanite, a smaller, lightweight knife might be best. However, you should go with what suits you most, as these knives are hardly exclusive. Just make sure you choose one that can perform the toughest job you have.


The type of steel used will determine is strength, durability, and cost. While having ultra-premium steel like M390 or Elmax would be great, not everyone can afford that. If you can, go for it, you lucky son of a gun. We envy you.

For those who still want a quality steel without breaking the bank, there are some good steels that are even better if they’re treated correctly. AUS-8 is one such high-end medium quality steel. Modestly impressive with its edge retention and corrosion resistance on its own, if you add in a cryo treatment, it begins performing like a much higher quality steel.

Blade Shape

There are a number of blade shapes available, and some, like the clip and drop points, are almost universal in their uses. Others, such as the tanto, cleaver, and spear point, are more exclusive.

This is why you need to know ahead of time what you’ll be using the knife for; it defines the rest of the process. The tanto is a combat style blade and has fewer EDC uses than a drop point – unless modified. When you begin adding in modifications, a whole new world opens up.

Design Options

There are two main design choices, and each one has its own list of criteria. Know what you’re looking for, and this becomes much simpler.

A modern knife usually has an assisted open, either spring or flipper, and can be opened with only one hand. Most of these knives have a single blade to reduce the number of moving parts, which makes them very durable. Most of them have synthetic grips, so cleaning and sanitation are improved, as well as a clip to hold them in your pocket.

Classic knives, or gentleman’s knives, are manual opens, and most of them require two hands to work. Aesthetically, they’re more attractive, but may also be missing a few safety features, such as blades that lock open. The grips tend to be of natural materials, so they’re harder to clean, and if used for food prep, you’ll be left wondering for a couple hours if you’ll catch something.

There are so many things to consider when you’re looking at an everyday pocket knife for sale, but we hope this has given you a place to start.

If you need help don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right everyday pocket knife to suit your needs.