Considerations when Deciding on an Everyday Carry Knife to Buy

Considerations when Deciding on an Everyday Carry Knife to Buy

Aug 25th 2018

The main thing to consider when choosing an everyday carry knife (EDC) is simple: choose the knife you are most comfortable using.

Why do you need this knife?

Think about the main purpose of your knife. Most people think that an EDC knife should be for self-defense, or they think that their knife’s primary use will be as a weapon.

Although you want to have the peace of mind knowing your EDC has that capability, most people will use their EDC knife for practical purposes such as food prep, mail opening, or busting boxes, so choose a knife that can do these things well.

Think about the right everyday carry knives for sale like a compact knife or a knife specifically designed as an everyday carry, which can be stored in your pocket safely and discreetly.

Match your knife with your lifestyle

The EDC knife you choose should match your lifestyle. If you have a 9-5 office job or work in retail then your EDC isn’t going to be a huge tactical knife that you wear proudly on your belt. Instead, you would want a small, discreet knife that can fold away into your pocket or wallet.

Conversely, if you spend your working week on a farm or out in the wild, a small foldaway knife is not going work.

Consider your local laws

Carry and ownership laws for knives can differ from state-to-state, so it is very important that you know your state laws before you buy an everyday carry knife. Certain states may outright ban the ownership of certain knives like switchblades, gravity knives (a blade concealed in the handle) or some types of automatic blades. Most states have strict rules around concealing knives over a length of 2.5+ inches.

Don’t forget about TSA regulations. Remember to store you knife in your checked luggage when traveling.

Technical considerations

One important technical consideration is the thickness of your blade. As a general rule of thumb, don’t buy an EDC knife with a blade thicker than a modern smartphone. Instead, choose a knife with a thin blade made from very strong, high-grade steel like AUS8 steel. A blade like this will ensure that you can slice through foodstuffs with ease, and you’ll never run into trouble using your knife in a practical situation.

You should also consider how the knife fits in your hand. Make sure the grip is comfortable, especially when used under pressure so you don’t hurt your hand.

Overall, you need to choose the right knife for you. Think about what you will use your knife for every day and where you will take it. If you always match your everyday carry knife to your lifestyle, then you’ll never run into trouble.

Caring for Your Blade

Don’t forget about caring for your knife. Clean and oil your blade after each use. Keep it sharp. If you carry it on your belt, use a quality scabbard to keep the blade protected from the elements.