5 Things Emergency Responders Look for in a Folding Knife

Oct 25th 2018

Emergency responders have to be prepared to operate patients anytime. Therefore, they need reliable rescue tools which can help them in gaining fast access and aid them in assessing the patient’s condition. At such times, a high quality folding knife acts as the perfect backup and can be deployed in almost all emergency scenarios. For instance, ZT folding knives (zero tolerance knives) make extremely heavy, sturdy and robust knives for professional use. As a member of a medical aid or rescue team, these knives can help you in saving the lives of numerous patients. They were introduced to the market in 2006 and have been successful ever since.

With so many knives being introduced every year, it is important to understand the criteria that make a good knife especially in the case of an emergency responder. The following features should be considered when purchasing a knife which needs to be deployed in an emergency situation.

1. Easy to Open

zero tolerance knives

One of the most crucial factors is the ease with which you can open or unfold a knife. Since emergency responders work with different types of gloves, the knife should be easy to handle even with these gloves on. Automatic knives are an attractive option for these scenarios because they can be quickly unfolded with the click of a button. However, automatic knives are illegal in some places so it is important to find out about other alternatives.

2. Size

If you observe emergency responders closely, they almost always use large knives as small knives are not useful in these circumstances. Even in other similar professions such as when military soldiers need to counter an ambush or firefighters need to rescue someone using a knife, they will always resort to bigger knives because they are easier to open and handle, even while wearing gloves.

3. Grip

folding knife

Any knife user will tell you that the one thing that matters most to them when using a knife is its grip. The knife’s handle determines how strong the grip is. This factor is all the more important in an emergency responder’s situation due to the precarious and sensitive nature of their work. Since they almost always wear gloves, the grip can become slippery. Materials like FRN, G-10 and others provide the best grip as they are textured and durable.

4. Durability

Emergency responders are not always looking for low cost options. They need tools which are of a high quality so that they can last longer. The same applies to the folding knives that they use. These knives need to be resistant to wear and tear and should be able to perform effectively in every situation. Therefore, durability is a vital factor as these knives will be used in the roughest of manners at times.

5. Brand

To qualify as a reliable folding knife, it should be manufactured by a renowned brand. Since emergency responders are dealing with people’s lives, they cannot use products that may endanger their patient’s life. Therefore, they rely on tried and tested brands which have effective designs and can withstand daily use. Purchasing a brand translates to purchasing reliability and trust.

Final Words


Emergency responders need to consider all of the above factors when looking for a knife. Hospitals should be consistent in their approach to procure quality folding knives for their medical team.

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